Hard Times

This week we have been closed. The food pantry is open for those in need. But it’s by appointment only. We are running out of food fast. So many need help.

Grooming is non essential, so that part of the business is, well closed. We really hope everyone will book for the week of the 12th so we can get going. You can book here on the websit.

Life has been hard. Janine is working from home and doing everything she can to keep the rescue going.

T is helping as a volunteer and so is Carrie and JB. I had to get shots yesterday in my arthritic hands and am not feeling well since the meds. My mother is in the hospital with the corona virus and double pneumonia. So we have all been worried about her. Visiting is not allLowe’s and well we worry, about her care and of course my Dad who is in quarantine. It has been a family effort keeping everyone up to date and sending all they need. While sad to say I did not have any contact recently. They were on a cruise.

We have several animals in need of care both home and at the shop. We have all been running back and forth. To say we are worried about our future is an understatement.

I cannot thank everyone enough for the help.

We know everyone is home but we wish you all good health and safety.

Find a way to make today amazing!

; Lisa


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