Hard Days and New Beginnings

Yesterday was a hard day. It started with a bird having seizures. Which stemmed from weight loss. The Bird came in late at night and we were unable to get a vet at that time. So we spent the night with her. Hydrating and spoon feeding to get her stable. But thankfully she is stable now and perching again. Eating well and doing much better.

Today we will be doing our regular grooming appointments to remove matting from many dogs in need. It’s been so long 76 days for many of these guys. It’s just too long. Nails that are curling over and matted ears and bodies can be painful and unhealthy. But it keeps us all busy right now.

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my sons passing. Not an easy one for any of us. I myself slept most of the day. Not needed sleep but needed for me. I cannot thank everyone enough for covering for me. Janine loaded the pantry with all the new things that were donated and will be gone quickly.

We are also getting in an angry iguana. He needs a new home. We will find that home.

We are getting ready for the Alabama dogs to arrive Saturday. Momma and her pups will be going directly to our quarantine facility and the

Fab 5 are coming with me. 3 girls and 2 boys all blondes. Some already spoken for. Although they have to finish vaccines and all the good stuff before they can be adopted.They are adorabe,

I cannot wait to meet them. Transport is ready and the meeting spots are all set up. They look like boxers a little. Don’t they?

Doc’s K9 dropped off a bunch of stuff for the pantry too and a bag of Jammies for my little Fawn. I can not wait to see them. Fawn is very excited. She is always chilly. Like a small child she will stare at me whining if she is naked.

It’s Morning here at home and the birds are waking up. Waiting for breakfast Xena is giving me the stink eye. I’ll feed her in a few minutes. Wednesday she had a vet appointment as we noticed she suddenly has thrush. Thrush is normally a secondary infection. So we are a bit worried. Bloodwork should be back today, hopefully some cytology. So we can deal with whatever is happening there. Little Miss is not allowed sick days. I honestly think she hid some food and got sour crop. But we have to check to be sure. She is my girl for sure.

She is literally staring through the window. It’s a bit early for breakfast but in her eyes. It’s never too early. So keep your fingers crossed that it’s just a little thrush and nothing else.

I just turned on the TV and the news from last night is still repeating itself. This quarantine really has felt like Groundhog Day!

I am planning to start a new book today. I am excited. Unflappable, written by a good friend Suzie Gilbert. We are planning a zoom with her next week also. So if you want a good laugh let us know. I could barely put down her last book so I am truly excited to get into this one. We have started doing Zoom meetings every few weeks. They have been a lot of fun. If you want to join us any time let us know. Not today but next Friday night.

Make today Amazing!

; Lisa


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