Handsome in Pink

Every now and then you get a pup that’s special. Not that I don’t believe they all are, but some just have their issues or personality quirks. To that end, meet Sami. Sami came to us as a breeder reject due to his pink nose, greenish eyes and a sizeable sore on his back.

Sami is an adorable smiling male Chihuahua. Yes, you read it correctly, Sami smiles. Just take a look at his photo. I love this little guy and he knows it. To be perfectly honest, I think he knows quite a bit and plays me. Every time I say to him that he is going to make a great companion for someone who is lucky to adopt him, he scratches a wound he came to us with and causes it to bleed and enlarge. Damn it, this always sets him back for adoption. I need this wound to heal. I have tried to bandage him over, and over again and he manages to accept the challenge and wrangle the bandage off every single time. I even body wrapped him to no avail.

So, Marc decided he would do the next bandage job. I always pick out some cool colors for the vet wrap that goes around the bandaging. I even matched the wrap to Sami’s coat. Not appreciated, one bit. Marc selected bright, Barbie pink for his bandage job. Sami stood still and let Marc do the body wrap..the same way I did. So, what’s different??

I sensed Sami was not pleased with the new bandage, and even less enthused when I told him he looked handsome in pink. He leveraged this to his advantage and whined as if he was carrying around a brick on his back. This caused me to feel sorry for him, toss him some new toys and a chew bone. I look in from the dining room to the quarantine room and see he is playing with his toys…however when he catches on that I am looking, he lays down and puts on a “poor, poor pitiful me” look. He makes me laugh, shake my head and wonder…how in the world can such a small being have such a big personality?

More importantly, I wonder, would my life ever be so full of these crazy little heartwarming nuggets of happiness if it weren’t for the rescue? Sigh…Mountain Haven is my life… the mess, the fun, the heartache, the strength, the lack of sleep and all the good people that we cross paths with.

And the one in a million smiling Chihuahua.

xoxo - Janine

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