Gotcha Day

I sat here this morning going through pictures on my phone. My kids and family and so many animals from rescue and grooming. But I stopped at one picture.

Fawns Gotcha Day.

Tiny little bowlegged creature, I just knew she was mine. But not sure my husband would go for it. (That’s another story for another day)

I grew up with whippets and greyhounds and skinnies. I have always loved them. I love their crazy zoomies and their love for relaxing. Snuggling into a blanket, towel, the laundry. Anything to curl up and nap.

She wakes up every morning (around 9:30 am) Ready to go run in the yard. Always so happy.If I cry she comes bursting out of her blanky and licks away every teardrop. She can run so fast into the kitchen when the fridge opens. She can fall asleep in seconds. (I wish I could)

She sits and moans if I am late getting into bed. She loves the car, She just loves life! I often wish I could be like a dog in so many ways. But today I just wanted to share my girl and her story.

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