Garfunkel Want A Cracker?

A Few weeks ago we got a call, two birds in need of a soft place to land after their owner passed away.

After a flurry of texts and calls and a quick readying of some cages there they were- Garfunkel and Jeffrey.

Two ends of the spectrum as it were, a Macaw and a conure, both scared and angry and in need of Lisa's special knack for birds. So we do what we do best, get them settled down and fed. Then we wait to hear their side of the story.

Because, even if there are no words said and no language shared, if you listen close enough and watch with open enough eyes they will always tell you.

Its just up the human to listen.

So we did.

And slowly they came out of their shells. Demands for snacks and scritches were heard, sometimes just a patient heart in the room was all they wanted. Or someone to answer their Hello back, a million times a day.

Jeffrey was here for a siesta, just a quick lay over between an old life and a new. He found his person and let the whole shop know. He rode on her shoulder while she filled out his papers and off they went to their new lives together.

But Garfunkel, for all his quiet words and crackers, still is hanging around and waiting. His tummy feathers are growing back in, covering over a small boo boo from before, and hes started finding new words. This morning it was "Pucker Up."

Everything is a cracker to this silly boy, but goldfish are the way to that heart of gold. he even thanks you as he crunches away, savoring every last crumb.

While we cherish these quiet moments and these stories told as old wounds heal, we long with them for the start of their new lives. We want for them to find these new words with their family, find their favorite snack- their new "cracker" if you will.

Its always weird to see one passed over, to greet them morning after morning and wonder why they haven't made it home yet.

To wonder why the grumpy conure who had his eye on one person, and only that person, found them so fast and the sweet faced Macaw with the junk food beak still has conversations with us every day instead of his person.

Now don't get me wrong, we love every second of our time with them. Wouldn't trade it for the world- to get to watch them grow and trust and love is a gift. But sometimes we wonder.

I know Garfunkel will find his forever, in his own time with his own person. And in the meantime I know that we will answer his Hello back with our own, and we will give him crackers and we will leave the music on for him.

So Pucker it up, and wait for that Cracker. Because Garfunkel is too and he cant wait to share that cracker with his person.

Have a great day, and enjoy a cracker of your own!



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