From the Desk Of Security

You know, its hard bein' the only guy who works around here.

All day long, I let them know who's comin and goin and which dog smells funny. And all I gets is a "Its fine Oreo."

Its hard. And sometimes a guy wants a buddy. Someone to sleep next to and snack alongside and guard from the bigger guys.

And ya know what, sometimes they listen to me.

So I gots a buddy.

They call him Gunner. I think it fits the little dude.

So me and Gunner sleep, and I keep him safe when the other kids come out. And then they let me bark at them, so its a win win I guess.

And besides, I get to go toy shopping for the little guy. I don't use many (Its not a very "security" thing, ya know?) but I knows where they all are- its part of the job. And the bigger guys let me take em, cuz they knows who's boss.


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