Fred and Ethel are moving on up

Today they moved into their new penthouse. A macaw cage. They are a bit unsure about what to do with all that space. They will quickly learn though.

They are definitely happy. Talking up a storm and Fred keeps saying “Hey, what’s goin on here?” Ethel replies “(fart noise) Gross” it’s her favorite thing to say.

They are currently watching a movie on prime and seem to be happy about it.

The pups are happily eating dinner. They are big now and boy do they eat! Play, Poop, repeat.

I am about to do dishes and change the mop bucket for the 4th time today at least. Then we will do the final round for the evening.

We groomed 5 dogs and an Amazon Parrot today. It was a good day overall.

I tried taking a video of Fred and Ethel. I’ll post it but they don’t say anything.

Today was not that exciting, except... we found out we are getting in some dogs next week. 6 chiuaua something’s, 2 pointy eared cuties and a senior dog that is sooo cute I want to hug her already. Janine and I just melted looking at one pic.

We do have some great finches for adoption and a fresh Iguana.

Dean is doing great. Although he has figured out his super special treat twice a day is medication. He is not as excited and he has learned to eat around the pill. Oy vey!

He could use a home of his very own.

For us, today has been a normal day. I love when that happens!!!

I‘ll be saying a prayer for more days like this.

Make today wonderful!


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