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Well, life has been so crazy. The last few years have held so much loss. Hurt that will never go away.

Yesterday after grooming and the sidewalk sale that got rained on, many adoptions and just a busy day. I had a bit of a meltdown when it came to cleaning it all back up. I complained a lot. Janine put me in check. It was needed.

Today I realize there really is so much love here. I am going to try to not be overwhelmed as often, try not to complain or be negative. I can do this!

Today was a nice day. Quiet and calm. I am sitting on my bed watching a movie with my loves. (Fawn and April) plus Sally and a foster I am calling snuggle buns.

Sally is approximately 7 years old with huge ears. She is a doll. A little growly and nervous but , we are told her owner passed away. She is desperate for affection. (And treats) Snuggle Buns is a 4 month old who was in the streets of Alabama. He wants to snuggle and cuddle. He also snores. He plays and naps.

If these two can be happy despite all they have been through recently. I can be happy too. I have much to look forward to and so much new stuff happening in my life. I will choose to be better.

Everyday I get to groom so many loved dogs and cats and other animals. I shower love on the animals as best I can. Janine works so hard to take care of animals and is a rock that created this all and manages every dime and animal with love.

So let’s all be thankful for something daily.I am planning on it. Who wants to join me? ~Lisa

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