Feeding the Beasts

How to make a scared dog learn to trust? To learn that human hands don't always mean bad things and that gentle love and good snacks are theirs to have when they are ready.

That is, after all, our goal. To teach the hopeless and fearful that life doesn't have to be like that.

And what better way to teach that then share what we have and give them the quiet space to learn to take.

And what better thing to take than some Cheetohs while listening to smooth jazz?

So we sit in the shop, spending one of the spare quiet moments between the chaos and sit with our Ladies and teach them to trust with the help of some junk food and music.

Its amazing to watch them come out of their shells and inch forward to take the food from the floor, before deciding to take the plunge and lip it from your fingers.

Its even better when they are licking your fingers without the food (OK, I might still have had some Cheetoh dust on my fingers but we're choosing to believe she licked me because she wanted to!)

Its these stolen moments of quiet where scared dogs learn that life isn't really so bad that really take your breath away.

So steal yourself some Quiet today, and grab a snack!


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