Featherific Avian Comedy

The Covid birds have become very comfortable and have started saying so many things. Some not so nice things too. I don’t mean curses either.

Janine and I meet at 7am every morning to start animal chores. Everyone says good morning. Then the birds start to tell us to “Hurry Up!, get up or you will be late for work!” After saying this several times, we laugh of course. But yesterday morning I guess they have decided the weight we gained during this quarantine is an issue and they have added reminders to work out. “ Don’t forget to work out!” “Did you workout?”

When I asked Fred (the male African grey) if he was telling me I was fat, Ethel the female answered with a giggle. So I guess that’s a yes.

Everytime we walk past the cage now they have some silly remark or digital noises.

Tomi the Blue and Gold Macaw greets us by waving only with his left foot and saying “Hello, Hi!” And “Come here”. when he does not get a peanut or some sort of treat he again waves and says “Goodbye” and “Bye”.

The funny part is all we know of them is that they belonged to an older woman who passed away from Covid 19.

But it makes us wonder about the conversations she had daily with these cuties. We assume she worked out daily and was always running late for work.

But they have begun to be a part of our morning routine. We tell Google to play some fun music and she responds “OK, playing the fun playlist from Spotify”.

The birds start to dance and chatter and tell us how we need to go to work. While we agree it’s cleaning time and then of course time for “Work” our workout which consists of cleaning cages and making salads for lizards, bugs for the gecko and pinkies and food for the possum 6 meals for the dogs and cleaning of cages and bedding. Laundry piles and garbage and mopping, doing the dishes and washing toys etc for all.

This routine just to get the day started takes us about 2 and a half hours daily. Cartoons begin in every room for all the different animals. Netflix Kids for the dogs has an array of rescue cartoons for the puppies which they enjoy. special treats for the dogs. Head scratches and the cuddles we sneak in.

Computers brought to life while emails are answered and applications are printed. The grooming schedule for the day and orders prepared for the shop. The list is long and suddenly it’s 7pm and we have time for our call where we make the list for the following day. This includes making vet appointments, scheduling vaccines, getting food prepared at home for them. Last night we made mashed sweet potatoes with probiotics and all the food healthy gut stuff for all.

Fawn, April, Shnuget and Bandit and Duffer and Gracey and Casey all get in on the action as we spend time with our own pets. Xena needs her meds and her Rat or Venison or whatever she is eating prepared and fed. Scratches, walks and cuddles for our guys all happen then. Our amazing personal animals all wait patiently all day for their time. I guess that also includes our families and phone calls. By 10pm we are exhausted and fall asleep easily.

As I type this the phone is on the counter while I cut up a Mango for the birds and patiently wait for the coffee to brew. It’s 5 am now and Janine will call me by 6:10 to make sure we are both awake. Ready to begin our day and have some fun.

Last night as we went over applications at 10pm we discussed how we will fundraise for Mamma Viola’s Heartworm treatment. How we plan to pay for it and working with our rescue partners planning the next round of animals that are coming in. Where they will go and what their special needs are. We also were both answering texts and emails for the pet food pantry and wildlife calls about displaced wild bunnies that a family dog disturbed the nest. A Fawn who’s mother was hit by a car and how we can accommodate that animal. Ordering weewee pads and canned food for momma.

We we’re also surprised yesterday by a bad review on google. Claiming we are irresponsible because we did not return a phone call about an application for a dog. We try hard not to miss anyone to at least respond somehow. However we could not find this application or any voicemails from this person. But we pride ourselves on not being that rescue that does not call or follow up. So to Janine and I and our volunteers it was upsetting.

But our feathered friends told us to have a good night. My own birds told me “Sleepy sleepy, night night and I love you! “ So we were off for a good nights sleep with well wishes from our Avian friends and as our pups jumped in the bed we slept well.

Now it’s time for me to shower and begin today, my birds already told me “I love you, morning Momma”. So after my quick walk with my dogs I am ready to be told by our feathered friends to hurry up and make sure we work out and get to work along with random other demands such as “ hey, come here!” And “peanut please” (which really means a treat and head scratch.) I know we are ready to dance and feed and clean again.

I look forward to our silly animal mornings with Janine. It’s always great to start the day with her. So, off I go to shower and get ready for fun.

As always make today great!



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