Facebook Jail, for sharing too many animals...

Apparently I am on Facebook jail. I shared the blog and animals for adoption too many times. Who knew?

I am released on Saturday at 5:40 pm.

I appreciate rules. But wth?

Today has been crazy. Ranger had heart surgery and did very well. He may even he coming home tomorrow. He will need to be watched carefully for two weeks. We also have a potential adopter. His amazing hospice family is wonderful. Well, let’s change that because he is no longer a hospice dog!!! This is amazing. Ranger as long as he heals properly now has a heart, that works and is going to have many years to run and howl. We are so grateful to this amazing couple.

We are getting several breeder parents and some dogs and exotics in. Tomorrow. It has been a crazy week. But as always worth it! These animals and our Mtn Haven peeps are wonderful and we are fortunate.

make today amazingnes!



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