Dog Bouquet’s and Trendy stuff

As a rescue and animal nerd, I think the animals instead of bouquets is awesome!

Teaming up with a rescue to highlight your animal side is amazing! I have seen this on Pinterest and Facebook but I googled to see if it really is a thing.... IT IS!

The other day we were lucky to have Penny come in for grooming. Her Mom is an event planner of sorts. We started talking about these trends and how amazing we think they are. Ring bearing pups and Birds. Animals everywhere would be my thing.

I think showing your love of charity and animals at a wedding is perfect.

I really want to have a slumber party! With animals. Movies and cuddles. What do you think? Would you come? Maybe there could be cheese and crackers and popcorn, dog treats and wine.

Just a thought. Something fun and different! What would you think of for a fun animal event?

Make today Amazing!


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