Dancing with Our Stars

While its no TV dream show here, we still find little moments of peace and happiness to spend with the dogs.

When the store goes quiet, in between all the crazyness and customers, and we have the chance to hold these dogs in our arms and teach them that touch is ok and fun its time to dance!

And sometimes we even get some guest stars, including our very own Janine, who teaches the pups that some of the best things in life are love and fun. With gentle arms and tons of toys she teaches them to love life, no matter what might come.

Sure, sometimes its because we've pulled 18 animals in need in less than a week and we are bone tired and a little punch drunk. Other times its because we saw a heart in need of a hug, or a scared baby getting their first bath and needing that reassurance. And still others are because the weight of it all is threatening to crash down on us and everybody in the room needs a little silly in their lives.

And, to their credit, the animals all seem to take it in stride. I think they just accept that we are all a little crazy here, but we do it with the best of intentions.

So we take that moment of quiet, and spin them around to the beat of the puppy room music playing softly throughout the store (Hey, we all deserve a little music in our lives). Every dip and sway brings us all a little closer, and you can really see it when the dog trusts you enough to just let it happen. They smile as they feel your hands on their back and they smile when you dip them down, never fearing the fall. And that is what makes the moment. That quiet, fearless trust coming from the fearful and trustless.

So find that music in your life and make today FEARLESS



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