Crazy times and Zoom

We have been very busy grooming some matted animals and ones with very long nails. Cats, dogs, birds, bunnies, you name it.

Rescue has also been busy. 3 poor pups with sad stories. A pot bellied piglet. Sugar gliders and all the corona surrenders.

Meet Maybel, a 2ish year old very shy, cattle dog mix. She has thin hair and because of that was never adopted. We were asked to take her and give her a chance after she lived at a humane society for her whole life being passed over because of her skin allergies. We are determined to find her a home.

Meet Homer, a 3 year old chiuaua mix with pug or possibly Pekingese. He and his sibling arrives here on a transport vehicle with no where to go. They lost their homes and family after a tornado in Alabama.

Meet Stinker, a Pekingese with a terrible ear infection, nuetered and vaccinated he loves walks and cuddles. He is 10 years old and lost his home due to the tornado. His skin is healing and no we did not cut his hair, lol. Someone else did before we got him. Ears have been treated and his skin is doing much better.

Meet Charlotte, the baby pot bellied pig who is arriving today. She is only 6 months old.

We hosted a great Zoom meeting with other rescues. We talked about animals and proper protocols for grooming and intake and rescue of animals from homes where someone has passed away or has to surrender due to Covid 19.

it has been a long week. But many were saved, loved, vetted and shown compassion. We are eternally grateful to our volunteers and community.

We received a large food donations from Doc’s K9 and a local community member. So the pantry is here if you need it.We also got a request for help for a family on hard times. We were able to get some food made and purchased to help this wonderful family get through.

Let’s keep this going! This horrible virus is hurting our people and the animals. We as a community are doing all we can. Anyone wishing to donate food for the pantry or the family in need, please let us know. The food is being sent today around 1 pm. We are here today starting at 10 until about 3. If you wish to meet the birds or dogs for adoption please let us know. You can call for an appointment 845-687-6037. Please know masks are required. we are also limiting the number Of people in the shop. if you need to schedule grooming either call for an appointment or book on our website here.

We cannot thank you all enough for the love and support!

~Make today amazing and share some love, Compassion and Mindfullness!


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