Christmas Eve

Christmas is a hard time of the year for many of us. this year we have a few unadopted animals. But treats and some gifts for them are coming.

Banjo is learning to be a pet and learning to trust which is a gift. In the 5 weeks he has been with us the transformation from angry and abused to almost being adoptable is huge. We are so proud of him. Janine and I haves told him how proud of him we are! He is sitting, walking on the leash, allowing us to put the leash and collar on him without biting and now he gets sooooo excited it’s a chore to get him dressed to go out. He has gone for rides in the car and is sharing food without fear of someone else being near or taking it away. This is all a gift.

I tell people all the time one of the best gifts they can give their pet is to always keep them adoptable. Because if anything were to happen they have a better chance at a future. We saw it in Banjos eyes in a picture and decided to take a chance. I would be a liar if I said we have not been bitten a few times. But he is going to be great and hopefully find his person soon.

Bandit is standing!! This is huge folks! He is working hard to stand and eat on his own. Janine is doing all she can for PT and well, the snuggles and her singing to him clearly make his day.

As we head into a new year I can say we have had a rough year. Financially, personally and all around, but we have seen that Love can change most things.

The Mountain Haven Family and LCM team have made it through every day and stressful night with love for one another and for the animals in our care.

Today Turbo and Dozer are heading to sunny Florida with the help of a woman with a heart of gold. She is driving them off into the sunset to retire. To live out their lives in a warm climate.

Our team has the animals care all figured out so everyone gets family time and some snuggly rescue time.

I am hoping to create a video this week to show all of the animals we love and have placed and even the ones we lost. We have been to places we never thought we would go to. This includes hoarding situation and some scary places to rescue animals. We have been so broke we could barely afford food but together we have made it through . Janine is great at making it work. I give her so much credit.

Angry Birds and reptiles and she even let a snake! Agnes will have a special salad and we will push forward hoping to find the funding we need to continue to grow.

Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you all for your support and love. Let’s move into 2020 with hope, love and compassion for one another and every creature in need.



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