Chilly Thursday

Good Morning. This morning is already off to a better start. My dog looks like a dog already. The up and normal rescue cleaning and life has begun for us all like a regular day.

Tickets for the event on January 25th have begun to sell and the penny social looks like it’s going to be a great one.

Victoria goes home today. I am so excited for her. No more bruises and walks galore. She deserves this wonderful home so much. I hope her new Owner is French. Lol, she loves to lick your entire face including into your mouth every chance she gets.

We are just about ready for Turbo and Dozer to head south for the winter. Next week they will make the trek to their forever. In warmer climates with beautiful enclosures that have been planted with things they can eat. While it has been a joy having Dozer who‘s name could Not be any more perfect. He rearranged the shop daily And Turbo who just runs amuck. While we will miss their shenanigans we know helping them find warm forever is best for them.

We still have several reptiles and dogs and a few pups for adoption and chinchillas. I really do hope they find homes for the holiday. Everyone of them deserves love. Machu and Pichu love evening treats and cooking tiles. They run on their wheel happily and take dust baths like champs.

Stop in and say hi, but most of all make today amazing!



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