Can anyone relate?

I can not sleep. my dog is a blanket hog and I am cold and sleeping in this teeny corner. When did this happen?

I used to live a quiet life with my birds and kids. Alright maybe not quiet, but less hectic for sure. Now I have 2 dogs . Plus two parrots and an owl.

Today we found out that tomorrow we are getting a dog, parrot, chinchilla and a guinea pig. Tuesday we are getting some breeder moms that we will officially retire. 4-7 of them.

Today we got in baby parakeets, and 2 lovebirds. Oh and a barred owl that was hit by a car. The owl will be ok, it has a wicked headache (which we got meds for) but no serious injuries.

Every day is a fight for more time. I can’t find it, can anyone help?

we have some events coming up soon. Animals in need daily. The shop, grooming and family. But I am grateful! For my crazy amazing sister of choice Janine and T who I swear does what I am about to ask before the words come out of my mouth! I am so lucky to have the animals in my life! My peeps and even the bed pig dog.

What makes you happy? How do we find extra hours?



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