Busy times during a crisis

No matter what is happening rescue still goes on. No matter the holidays or pandemic. The other day when we were called to rescue 13 animals, we answered the call. With gowns and gloves we went in ready to roll. We spent the previous morning talking to an exotics vet about Covid 19 and animals. Can they catch it? Can they spread it?

We have some wonderful news as well. We have a new board member Sandra Lee. (Yes the food network star, amazing friend and animal lover) We are fortunate to be able to work with such amazing people. She believes in feeding everyone. Including pets. Serving the animals and our community.

Janine, Sandy and I went back and forth discussing our ability to keep taking in animals in such a hard time. Talking on FaceTime, Aunt Sandy loves to say hello to each new animal and reassure them that we will love them until they find a forever home.

We are proud to have her on the Mountain Haven Board. We thank our amazing community for all their help and offers to foster. The pantry still needs donations of food for all animals. Bird amd exotic food is in great need. Dog and cat food and litter as well. Yesterday was spent caring for the animals and reorganizing the pantry. We also had a few appointments to receive assistance. The 3 crazy ladies are commited to moving forward. We have amazing volunteers and we are determined to keep going despite what happens around us.



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