When I think of heroes, we of course think of Doctors and Firefighters, EMS workers and Police officers. All putting themselves at risk.

They are heroes among us!

Right now I am thinking of all the animals who have lost their person. They are confused and scared. This virus effects all of us.

The breeders parents and pups discarded are so brave. Every day a little more.

Rescuers are also on the front line right now. Taking in so many animals that for whatever reason are losing their homes. Being surrendered is scary. We sit with these animals and try to show love immediately. Some of them cry and try to look out the windows expecting their people to return. Some turn to us and show their fear and then slowly bravely they come around.

In times like this we have to come together for the human and animal race. We are trying to keep the food pantry open so pets can stay in their homes.

We are here, for you and your animals.

This week we have 14 animals surrendered to Mountain Haven. We expect more...

Do you consider these animals brave? Please try to keep them. Please reach out for help. Please stay healthy and safe.

Show some love today. Please send some love to all the animals who need is. Of course to your families and loved ones as well.



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