Birthday Baths

A text this morning reminded me of a special day for a special sort of dog. A day that a few months ago didn't seem reachable.

And it reminded me of all of the special days that we get with the ones we love. Especially right now, every day counts.

Birthdays, quiet days, rainy ones and sunny ones. All of the days with all of the time together.

Its funny, you know. A dog doesn't really understand their birthday. They know that they got to wake up with their family, that there was more fun things and maybe some special things that they got to do. But they don't know that on a wall, or a phone screen, a little number on a calendar told their family that today was the day.

But they are happy for it, grateful that they got to spend the time with the people they love.

And from an outside perspective, there is nothing cuter than a dad booking his dog in for a special spa day on their birthday, or picking up the dog so that their whole family could have cake together.

All to celebrate their dogs birthday.

We here at LCM have been lucky enough to celebrate a few birthdays with beloved pets. Some got full blown parties, some a spa and small toy. Others had their "parent" go on a buying spree for that perfect present.

No matter the celebration, smiles were shared and love was on the air.

So take the time to celebrate the days we have together, and have some fun with it!




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