And The Old Man Snores

Its another new day here at the shop and we open the doors to the sounds of Oreo's list of complaints from the night.

He complains about everything, but we love our little shop guy no matter what.

Complains about how the Birds talk amongst themselves after we left for the night, and how the lizards all throw wild parties after lights out. He just cant keep up with these kids anymore, and their wild night lives.

Once hes done telling on them all, he is more than happy to come out of his little studio by the door and wander the shop in the quiet times before customers come in. He dances now, little happy jumps as he revels in his unique sort of freedom. It is more fun to watch, I think, than he probably knows. That little proof of his happiness, despite his blindness and age.

Once the shop comes to life he really opens up, greeting each new customer with his bark. We tease and call him our guard dog, though he is really just barking at the wall outside his studio.

He wanders around all day, somehow orienting himself around all the shelves and feet without ever a stumble. It really is enlightening, watching how animals redesign themselves to fit their circumstances. His ears and nose work very well, acting as his new eyes and guiding him through life without fear. Animals really are remarkable.

The day draws to a close, and he retires back to his studio. Lisa bought some toys for the rest of the "kids", but felt like he might be lacking something in his life. So we found a nice new donated blanket for him, soft and fuzzy like he seems to like best. He snuggles down in, quiet and content for the night- until the animals start their parties all over again!




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