A little bit of everything....

Crazy days as always at the boutique. We have 3 Mommas left for adoption. Amazing friends just stopping in to show them some love. The birds are snacking and watching Disney and the dogs are also watching some cartoons.

Maid duty is complete and the day is winding

down. Oreo is snuggled in his nest. Evening zoomies are about to happen!

I always wonder what people passing by our little place think. Late night paperwork, some Jazz playing and always dancing. Janine is the best dog dancing partner though. Lucy the momma told me.

T has the lizards and tortoise fed and all snuggled.

We are getting ready for our awesome Tricky Tray event the 29th and also a special dog birthday on Sunday.

Jack the magic dog is ready to do some tricks and all of the animals are helping to unpack packages and tell us barking stories.

It’s a great feeling. Ending the day peacefully and with love.

Make today Amazing! -lisa


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