A day for the birds

Yesterday all the mommas got dental and spayed and all vaccines. Having many done in a day makes for a crazy day! But it’s done and all are healthy. A few have less teeth but a clean bill of health.

Today we are focusing a bit on the birds. They are cleaned and loved daily. However they also need love and play time. Yesterday was spent cleaning and making sure the ladies got all they needed and the birds got a little less attention.

I have already made some sweet potatoes and special treats to make up for it. So some extra cuddles and baths are in order. it’s one of my favorite things. A few are due for nail trims also. Some of them are pre approved for adoption and going home soon. We are excited for them to begin new lives with new bonds and toys and families.

Each one is special in a different way. The macaw is finally gaining weight after living in a garage for a long time. Skittles is a special fellow who loves to sing and dance. Groucho sings opera and also rap! Felix is a chef of sorts making his very own bird stew daily by soaking his pellets and fruit in his water and leaving behind a mess that he likes to laugh at is when we clean it. Then there’s Mellow, the naked anxious goffin who loves to remove his collar daily ( which is a better hobby then plucking his feathers) Mellow loves to dance and sing. He thinks the vacuum is his cue to throw food on the floor and take a bath in his dish.

we also have several special parakeets who have issues like overgrown beaks that need lots of trimming but are very content and sing their beautiful songs each day.

we have a splay legged young male and his friend. Who today will be going into a large cage because we have worked with them and they can both perch and climb now. Splayed legs come from many issues but these two are babies and were given to us from a pet store. They were likely the last

ones born and stuck on the bottom in a position where they were never able to stand.

We have been cheering them on daily and showing them love as they reach new heights and perch on low perches. we move them a bit higher as they do better. But they are now available for adoption and can perch just like the rest of them. We are very proud of their progress.

make today amazing friends! ~lisa

P.S- don’t forget to check out our event and get tickets for our pocket book bingo and ladies day out event. It’s going to be so much fun and help the rescue afford some needed supplies and help with vetting.


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