I just found out another family member is in the hospital and tested positive for Covid 19. While I have not seen her since February meaning I have not been exposed. It hurts to know she is in the hospital and going through this scary mess. I am worried about her. She has asthma. So if you pray please send some love and prayers.

Yesterday was so good in many ways. Maybel got a wonderful patient home and a new sister. They are committed to loving her and giving her space to come out of her shell. Although I think her new sister will help that go quickly. We went for several walks and her new sister showed her some serious love. Licking her face and showing concern for her shy new friend.

we have several possible adoptions happening today. So I am hoping for another good day. We spoke to another rescuer and believe we are getting a pregnant momma very soon. Dumped on the roadside while being pregnant is scary. We will of course show her love and compassion. Helping her raise those babies as best we can. She looks like a lab. But we are told she is small, only about 30lbs. So in about 15 weeks we should have some pups ready for homes. We are unsure of what Daddy is. But I guess we will find out. I am a little excited to work with her. I have never raised babies with a mom.

We got amazing donations from House for Dogmanity! The food pantry is rockin We have several animals that need food. We will make sure they get it.

I am currently babysitting two dogs for a local nurse . A sweet woman who is on the front lines and needed some help as she is working a 49 hour shift and clearly can’t leave her babies at home.

it appears Stinky May have a home and hopefully will be going today. Our little yeasty guy with ear infections. He is loving and playful as his meds are starting to work. He definitely smells better each day. Which is good for us. Lol. Our little tornado guy is approximately 10ish and loves squeaky toys. He will sit there squeaking for quite some time. But it makes him happy.

Finding love in these hard times has been amazing. So many stepping up to share the Love, Compassion & Mindfullness has been wonderful. Jake amd Homer have found wonderful homes. We are so grateful to the families who have opened their homes and hearts to these wonderful animals.

Tally Monster and Fawn have only eaten a few pens and stolen some toys and things. Those two love to get in trouble together. Cocoa is a follower who believes if they can get it, she can shred it. No shoe or toy is safe. Or pen or anything they can reach. Stinky joins in when he is not sleeping and snoring like a little motor boat. I am currently on the sofa squished by 3 dogs as Cocoa is on the floor sleeping on a bed next to us. My aging bones are feeling the pain. Lol!

Make today wonderful!



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